It's my sincerest opinion that every single UX challenge has a perfect solution waiting to be found.
Although I'm open to any and all processes, I use any variation of the following steps to come to the ultimate conclusion.


1. Research

Discover | Empathize | Define

2. Construct

Ideate | Validate | Iterate

3. Design

Stylize | Finalize

1. Research

I. Discover

User Identity
Business Objectives
Competitive Landscape
Limitations & Restraints

II. Empathize

User Analysis
Contextual Awareness
Journeys & Flows

III. Define

Information Architecture
Feature Listing & Analysis

2. Construct

IV. Ideate

Information Design
Skeletal Structure
User Interface

V. Validate & VI. Iterate

Prototype Development
Usability Testing
A/B Testing
Bugs & Enhancements

3. Design

VII. Stylize

Color Palette
Atomic Design
Spacing & Layout

VIII. Finalize

Hi-Fi Mockup


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