Since earning my degree in psychology, my passion for understanding human perception has only grown with acceleration. I've taken countless opportunities to apply my background to the field of user experience design, whether at full-time positions, within my M.S. program with Kent State University, during voluntary freelance work, or through self-started projects. 

Outside of participating in active UX projects, I consistently read and participate on nationally recognized platforms to uncover the industry's developing trends and events. I've also been practicing my development skills as I continue to take coding courses with increasing difficulty, whether for Javascript frameworks, Swift, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

During my years in the industry I've come to a core conclusion on the nature of UX: I believe as though every single UX challenge has a perfect solution waiting to be found. I've made it my professional objective to solve as many solutions as possible, regardless of their level of complexity and difficulty, for the sake of the users and stakeholders alike.

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B2B IPaaS Software

Date: Nov 2017 - Present

Client: CoEnterprise

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Web Application | Online Ordering Platform

Date: Dec 2016 - Mar 2017

Client: Ordereze

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Web Application & End User Dashboard

Date: July - Aug 2017

Client: Ordereze


It's my sincerest opinion that every single UX challenge has a perfect solution waiting to be found.
Although I'm open to any and all processes, I use any variation of the following steps to come to the ultimate conclusion.

1. Research

Discover | Empathize | Define

2. Construct

Ideate | Validate | Iterate

3. Design

Style | Finalize


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